Metro employee caught stealing cash

The Metro transit system periodically tests the honesty of its employees, presenting unsuspecting workers with opportunities for misconduct to see how they respond. Last week, in one such “integrity check,” a subway station manager failed miserably, Metro says.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said a plainclothes Metro police officer, pretending to have found a small amount of cash in the National Airport station, turned over the money to a manager there, who was supposed to have forwarded it to the transit system’s lost-and-found office. But the cash went in her pocket instead, Stessel said.

He declined to say whether the money was in a wallet because Metro police are “not comfortable revealing specific details” of their procedures. But wallets and other items of moderate value are often used in integrity checks.

After the manager, Judy Williams, 58, of Oxon Hill, allegedly pocketed the cash on the afternoon of Jan. 13, she was arrested and charged with misdemeanor larceny, Stessel said.

The incident was first reported by Unsuck DC Metro.