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Broke down train
Broke down train at Shady Grove  (Or as some people call it, Shady Grave)

Hello, my name is Cozumel Ty and this is a blog about my daily trials and tribulations dealing with the Washington DC area subway system also known as Metro Rail.

For years I avoided the Metro Rail like the third plague of Egypt in the Hebrew Bible. But some pesky vehicle issues made me reevaluate putting mile after mile on my precious cars driving to and from DC and Virginia.

So after much deliberation and calculation, I came to the mind-set that it would be cheaper for me to catch Metro rail.

Man I must have bumped my head!

For those who are not in or from the Wash DC Metro area, I live in a place called North Potomac Maryland. Or to those who do know the area (Like my baby) it’s also known as Mayberry.

North Potomac is a Washington DC suburb about 20 plus miles outside of downtown Washington DC.

To get to DC by subway you have to go to the local Metro station called Shady Grove. Shady Grove is the first, or last (depending on your perspective) station at the far end of the venerable Red line….

Oh the Red line…….

The name itself evokes visions of pain and suffering because of its constant breakdowns and delays.

Broken escalators.

Broken elevators.

Power outages.

Broken gates.

Track work, track work, track work!

The list goes on and on.

I will use this blog to blow off steam, provide news and information and allow others to do the same.

Welcome to my world.

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This is my blog to rant and rave about how bad the DC Metro Rail system is..